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Instructional Series

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Welcome to the English medium literacy instructional series teaching and learning resources for years 1 to 8.

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  • Matariki.


    by Waitangi Teepa

    illustrated by Thaw Naing

    This report first explains some of the stories and beliefs associated with Matariki, the Màori New Year, especially its links to the stars. It then describes some of the ways that Matariki is celebrated.

    Gold 2

    Series: Ready to Read Colour Wheel

    Learning area: Social Sciences

    Colour wheel level: Gold

    Curriculum level: 2

    Category: Non-fiction

    Related titles: Listed in TSM

    Publication date: January 2010

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  • Matariki breakfast cover image.

    Matariki Breakfast

    by André Ngāpō

    illustrated by Rozel Pharazyn

    Matariki Breakfast describes Kara’s experience of celebrating Matariki (Māori New Year) with her whānau. It includes a retelling of a Tainui story about how the Matariki stars brought back Tama-nui-te-rā (the sun) after Māui and his brothers had caught him.


    Series: Ready to Read Colour Wheel

    Learning area: Health and Physical Education, Social Sciences

    Category: Fiction

    Shared texts

    Related titles: Listed in TSM

    Publication date: April 2017

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  • Star-gazing.


    by Maria Samuela, illustrations by Rebecca ter Borg

    “Star-gazing” is a fantasy while also being based, in part, on a traditional story from Mangaia, the second largest island in the Cook Islands. The “no place like home” lesson is spiced up with sassy dialogue and combative personalities, deepening its contemporary feel and appeal.

    Series: School Journal Level 3 August 2020

    Learning area: English, Social Sciences

    Curriculum level: 3

    Reading year level: 5

    Related titles: see TSM

    Topics: adventure, belonging, Cook Islands, dreams, emotions, family, Matariki, navigation, Pacific, planet, science, solar system, solitude, space, stars, traditional stories

    In: School Journal Level 3 August 2020

    Publication date: August 2020

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  • Celebrating puanga at ramanui cover image.

    Celebrating Puanga at Ramanui

    Sj level 2 nov 2017 cover image.

    by Maakere Edwards and Kiwa Hammond

    This article describes how one Taranaki school celebrates the appearance of the star Puanga in the eastern sky – the signal for the start of the Māori New Year. In other parts of Aotearoa, people watch for Matariki, but that constellation is hard to see in the Taranaki region.

    Series: School Journal Level 2 November 2017

    Learning area: English, Social Sciences

    Curriculum level: 2

    Reading year level: 4

    Category: Non-fiction

    Related titles: Listed in TSM

    Topics: astronomer, astronomy, celebrations, constellations, Māori New Year, Matariki, night sky, Orion’s Belt, Pleiades, Puanga, Puanga Kai Rau, Ramanui School, Rigel, school, stars, Taranaki, Tautoru, telescopes, time capsule

    In: School Journal Level 2 November 2017

    Publication date: November 2017

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  • Cartoons of computerised technologies.

    Lighting the Sky with Raspberry Pi

    Toy car flying off a ramp.

    Students at Fernridge School have created a digital light display for Matariki using Raspberry Pi computers. This article shows how the students created the light display, providing a real-life context for exploring how computers work.

    Series: Connected 2018 Level 2 - Step By Step

    Learning area: English, Science, Technology

    Curriculum level: 2

    Category: Non-fiction

    Strand: Number and Algebra, Nature of science, Physical world, Nature of technology

    In: Connected 2018 Level 2 - Step By Step

    Publication date: November 2018

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  • Taonga cover image.


    Written by Kiwa Hammond

    Illustrated by Adele Jackson

    When Mahi and her cousin Hani go to Nan’s house after school, they tell her about their school project – to write about something that is a taonga to them. After talking with Nan, both children realise what they will write about.

    While this story has particular relevance to Māori students, many students will identify with the ideas of whānaungatanga (special family relationships) and taonga (a treasure or something that is special to a person). 

    Orange 2


    Series: Ready to Read Colour Wheel

    Learning area: English

    Colour wheel level: Orange

    Curriculum level: 1

    Category: Fiction

    Related titles: Other stories about Mahi: Getting Ready for the Visitors (Red 3), Waiting for Rēwana Bread (Blue 3), Whai – String Games (Green 3. This story also features Hani.) Texts about special family relationships, particularly relationships with grandparents: Nanny; Matariki Breakfast (shared); Grandpa’s Birthday, Noisy House (Blue 1); Helping at the Marae (Blue 2); My Brother (Green 1); A Special Visit to Koro and Nanny, Two Homes (Orange 1); Kapa Haka, Te Pēpi Hou (Turquoise 2)

    Publication date: April 2019

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