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Instructional Series

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Welcome to the English medium literacy instructional series teaching and learning resources for years 1 to 8.

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  • Heat it up cover.

    Heat It Up

    Have you checked.

    by Kate Potter

    illustrated by Katie O'Neill

    Students Paige and Sabitra design an experiment to test whether their solar oven would work better if they paint it black on the inside. But they notice some problems with the data they collect. By changing their experiment, they are able to improve the quality and reliability of their data.

    Series: Connected 2015 Level 2 – Have You Checked?

    Learning area: English, Mathematics and Statistics, Science, Technology

    Curriculum level: 2

    Category: Non-fiction

    Strand: Nature of science

    Capability: Critique evidence

    In: Connected 2015 Level 2 – Have You Checked?

    Publication date: January 2015

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  • Pencarrow: New Zealand’s First Lighthouse.

    Pencarrow: New Zealand’s First Lighthouse

    by Tricia Glensor

    New Zealand’s coastline has always been a dangerous place for ships and boats. Early Māori knew that. Several traditional stories tell of waka being washed onto rocks in storms. Since the 1790s, when the first Pākehā reached New Zealand, more than 2,300 ships have been wrecked in New Zealand waters.

    Series: School Journal Level 2 August 2019

    Learning area: English, Social Sciences, Technology

    Curriculum level: 2

    Reading year level: 4

    Category: Non-fiction

    Related titles: See TSM

    Topics: benefit, change, coastlines, employment, Fresnel lens, history, jobs, lenses, lighthouse, lighthouse keeper, maritime safety, Mary Jane Bennett, New Zealand history, Pencarrow, shipwrecks, technology, Wellington Harbour, work

    In: School Journal Level 2 August 2019

    Publication date: August 2019

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  • Taniwha trouble.

    Taniwha Trouble

    by Alan Bagnall

    illustrations by Andrew Burdan


    “Thump! Blop! Gurgle! Gulp!” There’s a taniwha in the classroom water heater – or so Noah thinks. This dramatic short story includes various clues that place his belief in doubt. Students will enjoy reading and rereading this text to look for clues to help them form their own opinion.

    Gold 2

    Series: Junior Journal 40, Level 2, 2010

    Learning area: English

    Colour wheel level: Gold

    Curriculum level: 2

    Category: Fiction

    Related titles: Listed in TSM

    Topics: taniwha, classroom, imaginary

    In: Junior Journal 40, Level 2, 2010

    Publication date: January 2010

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  • Undersea Gardens book cover.

    Undersea Gardens

    by Julie Ellis

    This report provides information about seaweeds found in New Zealand waters and how they are used. There is a quiz activity that helps children to apply knowledge from diagrams to actual examples. The rich content means that this text is best read over more than one session and shared before being used for guided reading.

    Gold 2

    Series: Ready to Read Colour Wheel

    Learning area: Science

    Colour wheel level: Gold

    Curriculum level: 2

    Category: Non-fiction

    Related titles: Listed in TSM

    Publication date: January 2003

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  • Takarua cover.

    Tarakura of the Rangitāiki Plains

    L3 cover image sept2012.

    by Bernadine Ngaheu

    This exciting, fast-paced myth retells a traditional story from Ngāti Awa. It portrays one chief’s courageous actions to protect his iwi from the taniwha Tarakura. Iratumoana, the chief, displays many qualities: bravery, fortitude, and decisiveness. He also shows wisdom and humility, understanding that he must consult and work with others if he is to prevail over the taniwha. The chief provides a positive role model of someone who puts himself in physical danger for the good of the community.

    Series: School Journal Level 3, September 2012

    Learning area: English

    Curriculum level: 3

    Reading year level: 6

    Category: Fiction

    Related titles: Listed in TSM

    Topics: tohunga, myth, traditional, Ngāti Awa, chief, iwi, taniwha

    In: School Journal Level 3, September 2012

    Publication date: September 2012

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  • The desert kaupoi cover.

    The Desert Kaupoi

    by Ariana Tikao

    This is the true story of her Uncle Tony’s exploits in the Māori Battalion during the Second World War. This story of his war experiences gives a fascinating insight into the kind of person her uncle was, the qualities that led to him being awarded the Military Cross, and the life of a soldier in the Second World War. The story is told as a recount, using excerpts from his diary and historical photographs. It also includes a brief description of the players and events in the Second World War. Rich illustrations depict life in the desert and some dramatic moments on the battlefield.

    Series: School Journal Story Library

    Learning area: English, Social Sciences

    Curriculum level: 4

    Reading year level: 5, 6

    Category: Non-fiction

    Related titles: Listed in TSM

    Publication date: January 2014

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