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by Annaleese Jochems

Illustrations by Rebecca ter Borg

“Springers” is a fictional story set in a rest home, where George and his daughter are visiting his elderly mum. Meredith has dementia, although it’s not clear to what degree: at times her strong mind and character shine through, at others, she seems childlike and resigned to the loss of autonomy that many people in rest homes experience. This is a subtle story, carefully observed, that sheds a gentle light on the way ageing can impact on families.

Series: School Journal Level 4 May 2019

Curriculum level: 4

Reading year level: 8

Category: Fiction

Related titles: “How to Be Normal” SJ L4 Nov 2018 | “Match Report” SJ L4 Nov 2014

Topics: autonomy, caring, dementia, dependence, families, frogs, grandparents, health, independence, memories, metaphor, old age, parents, relationships, retirement, second-person narration

In: School Journal Level 4 May 2019

Publication date: May 2019

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