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My Name is Rez

My name is rez cover image.
School journal level 3 november 2017 cover image.

written and illustrated by Toby Morris

Rez Gardi was born in a Kurdish refugee camp in Pakistan and came to New Zealand as a young child, with her family. This graphic text is a memoir, looking back on her life so far. She is now a successful lawyer, a worker for refugees, and was the 2017 Young New Zealander of the year.

Information and tips for using comics in the classroom:

Series: School Journal Level 3 November 2017

Learning area: English, Social Sciences

Curriculum level: 3

Reading year level: 6

Category: Non-fiction

Related titles: Listed in TSM

Topics: bullying, change, comic, culture, difference, graphic text, immigrants, Iraq, Kurdistan, Kurds, migration, Pakistan, refugee camps, refugees, resettlement, Rez Gardi, school, teasing, Turkey, war

In: School Journal Level 3 November 2017

Publication date: November 2017

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