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Plenty of Room

Plenty of room cover

by Sarah Johnson

illustrated by Dylan Horrocks

The story of a girl adjusting to life with a new sibling. "Sometimes I just want to be alone. Know what I mean? It’s good. Gives you a chance to think. I don’t like hanging out with other people all the time. I need space. So you can imagine how I feel when Dad tells me Sharon’s having a baby."  

Series: School Journal Level 3 June 2018

Learning area: English, Health and Physical Education

Curriculum level: 3

Reading year level: 5

Category: Fiction

Topics: babies, blended families, change, extended family, family, housing, humour, managing self, new baby, overcrowding, relating to others, relationships, siblings, whānau

In: School Journal Level 3 June 2018

Publication date: June 2018

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