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Finding George

Student reading a book.
Illustrated birds eye view of a carnival.

by Henrietta Bollinger

In this powerful and moving article, Henrietta Bollinger tells the story of her great-great-uncle George, a soldier in the First World War. Most students will have learnt something about the First World War, and many will know something of their own family stories.

Series: School Journal Level 3 August 2018

Learning area: English, Social Sciences

Curriculum level: 3

Reading year level: 6

Category: Non-fiction

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Topics: bravery, courage, family history, family stories, fear, Gallipoli, George Bollinger, German ancestry, New Zealand history, Ōmatā, prejudice, private detectives, racism, soldiers, Taranaki, the Western Front, war, World War One

In: School Journal Level 3 August 2018

Publication date: August 2018

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