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The Possum Problem

The possum problem cover image.
Cover image school journal level 3 august 2017.

by Johanna Knox

illustrated by Adele Jackson

"Possums. You hardly ever see them, but they’re all around: in the bush, on farms, in parks. They might even be in your garden. During the day, possums stay in their dens. These are dry, hidden places where they won’t be disturbed. Possums emerge after dark, millions upon millions of them, all across New Zealand. And what do they do? They eat."

Series: School Journal Level 3 August 2017

Learning area: English, Science

Curriculum level: 3

Reading year level: 6

Category: Non-fiction

Topics: acclimatisation societies, bovine tuberculosis, change, ecosystems, endangered species, environment, food chains, fur, fur trade, hunting, New Zealand history, pest control,possums, predators, trapping

In: School Journal Level 3 August 2017

Publication date: August 2017

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