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Harwoods Hole

Harwood's Hole cover image

by Marcus Thomas

In 1958, a group of intrepid cavers descended into Harwoods Hole, a huge vertical chasm on Takaka Hill. At the bottom, they discovered a spectacular environment, with beautiful stalactites and waterfalls. A month later, they discovered a second cave nearby. The cavers proved that the two cave systems were connected and created a way to travel between them. The themes of exploration and discovery make this article an enthralling read. It’s also an excellent introduction to the information texts students will be encountering more frequently as they progress through school.

Series: School Journal Level 2 May 2019

Learning area: English

Curriculum level: 2

Reading year level: 4

Category: Non-fiction

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Topics: adventure, cave life, caves, caving, caving gear, change, environment, exploration, geology, Harwoods Hole, history, limestone, marble, solution caves, speleology, stalactites, Starlight Cave, Takaka, underground, waterfalls

In: School Journal Level 2 May 2019

Publication date: May 2019

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