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One Jandal

One Jandal

by Tim Upperton; illustrations by Elsie Andrewes

I heard a joke the other day – A boy walks up the street with one jandal on, and his friend says, “Hey, you lose a jandal?” “Nah,” the boy says, “I found one.” Well, it was funny at the time, but it also got me thinking about the jandals we find sometimes. Always just one! And it looks good, but it’s not much use without the other jandal.

Series: Junior Journal 63, Level 2, 2022

Learning area: English, Social Sciences

Curriculum level: 2

Reading year level: 3

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Topics: advice, beach, community, cooperation, family, free verse, helping, jandal, joke, metaphor, poetry, story, storytelling, Tim Upperton, verse, working together

In: Junior Journal 63, Level 2, 2022

Publication date: August 2022

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