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Three Days at Te Awapātiki

Three Days at Te Awapātiki

by Kiwa Hammond; illustrations by Lawton Lonsdale and Andrew Burdan

“Then one day a ship arrived carrying a new group of visitors ...”

Our people called this meeting place Te Awapātiki. It is tchap – sacred to our karapuna.

Revised edition: August 2022

Series: School Journal Part 4, Number 3, 2010

Learning area: Social Sciences

Reading year level: 7, 8

Topics: ancestors, Chatham Islands, culture, identity, invasion, karapuna, Law of Nunuku, Meremere, Moriori, Na Pe, Ngāti Mutunga, Ngāti Tama, Nunuku-whenua, peacemaking, Rēkohu, sealers, Te Awapātiki, trading, war

In: School Journal Part 4, Number 3, 2010

Publication date: August 2010

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