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Moriori: A Story of Survival

Moriori: A Story of Survival.

The Moriori are the original people of Rēkohu, who have survived against the odds.

Imagine being told that who you were was a myth, that your people no longer existed – or even that they never had. This is exactly what happened to Māui Solomon.

Revised edition: August 2022

Series: School Journal Part 4, Number 3, 2010

Learning area: English, Social Sciences

Reading year level: 7, 8

Category: Non-fiction

Topics: ancestors, Chatham Islands, culture, Hirawanu Tapu, Hokotehi Moriori Trust, identity, karapuna, Kopinga, Law of Nunuku, Moriori, Ngāti Mutunga, Ngāti Tama, Nunuku-whenua, Polynesian voyagers, rākau momori, Rēkohu, sealers, Tame Horomona Rehe, Te Āwapatiki, Tommy Solomon

In: School Journal Part 4, Number 3, 2010

Publication date: August 2010

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