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Always a Good View

Always a Good View.

Meet Brooke, a Chatham Islander who lives in the tiny fishing settlement of Kāingaroa.

Brooke Whaitiri has lived nowhere else but Rēkohu. Her mother's karapuna are Moriori, and her father's tipuna are Ngāi Tahu and Rakiura Māori. Brooke talked with the School Journal about her life in the small fishing settlement of Kāingaroa, in the north-east corner of the island.

Revised edition: August 2022

Series: School Journal Part 3, Number 3, 2010

Learning area: Social Sciences

Reading year level: 5, 6

Category: Non-fiction

Topics: beach, belonging, Chatham Islands, family, fishing, friendship, home, homesickness, island, isolation, Kāingaroa, Moriori, place, Rēkohu, school, whānau

In: School Journal Part 3, Number 3, 2010

Publication date: August 2010

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