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Who Are the Moriori?

Who Are the Moriori?

Like the Māori of mainland New Zealand, the Moriori are Polynesian. Moriori people trace their ancestry to the first waka that travelled from Hawaiki. In the 2006 New Zealand census, 945 people indicated that they were of Moriori descent. Over many centuries, Moriori have developed their own culture and language, which still continues today.

Revised edition: August 2022

Series: School Journal Part 2, Number 2, 2010

Learning area: Social Sciences

Reading year level: 4

Category: Non-fiction

Topics: ancestry, Aotearoa New Zealand histories, change, Chatham Islands, culture, explorers, family, geography, heritage, Hinemata Solomon, history, Kopinga, language, marae, Māui Solomon, Moriori, Polynesia, racism, Rēkohu, Tame Horomona Rehe, Tommy Solomon, truth, whānau

In: School Journal Part 2, Number 2, 2010

Publication date: August 2010

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