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Kopinga, a Place of Peace

Kopinga, a Place of Peace

based on an interview with Mana Cracknell

Imagine you are an albatross, soaring high among the clouds above the island of Rēkohu. Far below, a large, white-painted building sprawls on the hillside. Its shape looks somehow familiar ...

Kopinga Marae belongs to the Moriori people of Rēkohu. It was designed to look like a hopo (albatross) with its wings outstretched on the grass.

Revised edition: August 2022

Series: School Journal Part 2, Number 2, 2010

Learning area: Social Sciences

Reading year level: 4

Category: Non-fiction

Topics: albatross, ancestors, Aotearoa New Zealand histories, change, Chatham Islands, culture, feather, heritage, history, hopo, island, karaka, kopi, Kopinga Marae, Law of Nunuku, legacy, Moriori, Nunuku, peace, Rēkohu, symbol, taonga, tree, vow, white feather

In: School Journal Part 2, Number 2, 2010

Publication date: August 2010

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