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The Broad Street Killer

Broad street killer cover.
Sj level 4 cover image oct2011.

by Chris Nokes

This historical recount follows the efforts of Doctor John Snow to isolate the cause of a cholera epidemic in London during the nineteenth century. In his struggle to convince the establishment of his theories, he developed a “spot map”, which identified cluster patterns of cholera deaths in areas around water pumps. Although not recognised at the time, he is now considered a pioneer in the field of disease mapping. 

Series: School Journal, Level 4 October 2011

Learning area: English, Science

Curriculum level: 4

Reading year level: 8

Category: Non-fiction

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Topics: historical, Doctor John Snow, cholera epidemic, London, cluster patterns, water pumps, pioneer, disease mapping

In: School Journal, Level 4 October 2011

Publication date: October 2011

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