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Science on the Ice

Mountain in Antarctica.
Sunset over ice in Antarctica.

by Neil Silverwood

"Two sets of merino underwear, two fleece jackets, a windbreaker, a puffer jacket, five pairs of gloves, a hat, a balaclava, fleece pants, fleece-lined boots, and lastly – a set of extreme-cold weather gear (called ECWs by those in the know). My kit is issued at Antarctica New Zealand’s Christchurch headquarters, and I’m told to return the following morning at six. I’m to wear my ECWs for the flight south."

Series: School Journal Level 4 November 2018

Learning area: English, Science

Curriculum level: 4

Reading year level: 8

Category: Non-fiction

Topics: Antarctica, biodiversity, climate, core samples, crevasses, data collection, deep-field traverse, global warming, ocean currents, photography, planning, Ross Ice Shelf, scientists, Scott Base

In: School Journal Level 4 November 2018

Publication date: November 2018

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