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The Moa

The moa cover image.
School journal level 4 november 2017 cover image.

by Lucy Buchanan

illustrated by Elliemay Logan

Winner of the 2017 Elsie Locke Writing Prize

"The brown-feathered bird stared down, studying her like prey. She wanted to run, to escape the terrifying gaze. The bird stepped back on its large clawed feet, keeping its small eyes on her. Ahorangi felt trapped beneath the glare, as if the bird were suffocating her, as if its claws were already scratching at her throat."

Series: School Journal Level 4 November 2017

Learning area: English

Curriculum level: 4

Category: Fiction

Topics: change, conservation, decisions, Elsie Locke Writing Prize, environment, Māori, metaphor, moa, responsibility, student writing, whānau

In: School Journal Level 4 November 2017

Publication date: November 2017

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