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Ngā Tātarakihi o Parihaka

Ngā tātarakihi o parihaka cover.

This story, set at Parihaka just prior to the government raid in 1881, is told from the perspective of a young girl who was living there. The author’s great-grandmother was living at Parihaka at that time, and the story is partially based on oral history.

Series: School Journal Level 4 May 2016

Curriculum level: 4

Reading year level: 8

Category: Fiction

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Topics: cicadas, New Zealand history, New Zealand Wars, Ngā Tātarakihi, Parihaka, passive resistance, Taranaki, Te Whiti-o-Rongomai, Tohu Kākahi

In: School Journal Level 4 May 2016

Publication date: May 2016

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