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Something Alive

Something Alive cover page

written and illustrated by Jem Yoshioka

Jem Yoshioka was born and bred in New Zealand to New Zealand-born parents, so technically she only belongs to one place. But her Japanese ancestry is a living part of her. This graphic novel, written and drawn by Jem, explores a struggle we are all familiar with: that of seeking to understand who we are and where we belong. Rich in both written and visual imagery, this text invites multiple readings. 

Information and tips for using comics in the classroom:

Series: School Journal Level 4 June 2018

Learning area: English, Social Sciences

Curriculum level: 4

Reading year level: 8

Category: Non-fiction

Related titles: Listed in TSM

Topics: art, Basho, belonging, comic, culture, family, fitting in, genes, grandparents, graphic novel, haiku, heritage, identity, Japan, Japanese, managing self, mixed-race, parents, racism, symbolism

In: School Journal Level 4 June 2018

Publication date: June 2018

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