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The Coprolite Hunters

The Coprolite Hunters.

by Neil Silverwood

Photographer Neil Silverwood has documented the work of New Zealand scientists before. This time, they’re hunting for coprolites – fossilised animal faeces. Analysing this “treasure from the past” allows scientists to learn more about our endangered native bird species, including the kinds of habitats that once supported them. This is another useful article about the work scientists do and the many ways in which they continue to learn about our world.

Series: School Journal Level 3 November 2020

Learning area: English, Science

Curriculum level: 3

Reading year level: 6

Category: Non-fiction

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Topics: coprolite, discovery, extinct species, fossil, Haast’s eagle, Kahurangi National Park, moa, natural history, Otago, pouākai, science, scientist

In: School Journal Level 3 November 2020

Publication date: November 2020

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