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Broken Wing

Broken Wing.

by Paul Mason

Illustrations by Rosie Colligan

This mysterious story combines the familiarity of a coming-of-age story with elements of fantasy. The setting and time are vague. There is magic at work, yet most students will relate to the sense of pressure that comes from trying to meet an older person’s expectations while working out personal values and priorities. The layers of meaning in the story and its rich poetic language make it an excellent model for writing.

Series: School Journal Level 3 May 2019

Learning area: English, Science

Curriculum level: 3

Reading year level: 6

Category: Fiction

Related titles: “The Red Ball” SJ L3 May 2015 | “Kahawai” SJ L3 October 2013

Topics: agreements, allegory, change, coming-of-age, fairy tales, family, fantasy, fishing, honesty, honour, keeping your word, mood, mystery, narrative, trust

In: School Journal Level 3 May 2019

Publication date: May 2019

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