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Grandad’s Couch

Grandad’s Couch.

by Lucas Yee, year 5, Russley School; illustration by Lisa Baudry 

Our grandad adores his new couch. The old, red, torn one goes out, the brand-new, avocado-green one comes in wrapped in plastic, slippery like arctic ice, not coming off for a week.

You hear a lion-like roar from him, his face a shade of red as the cat tries to strike when the plastic comes off. Protective blankets engulf the couch from head to toe like a warm campfire on a cold winter’s night.

Series: School Journal Level 3 June 2022

Learning area: English

Curriculum level: 3

Topics: ākonga writing, ancestors, family, grandparents, humour, poetry, student writing, tūpuna

In: School Journal Level 3 June 2022

Publication date: June 2022

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