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The Choice

The Choice.

by Victor Rodger, illustrations by Michel Mulipola

Lamb’s brother and sister are relying on him to perform with them in the church talent quest. But the only final Lamb cares about is the final match of the season for Manu Sāmoa. Unfortunately, the two events clash. In this humorous story, Lamb learns a lesson about the importance of being responsible and following through on commitments – and being truthful.

Series: School Journal Level 2 November 2019

Learning area: English, Social Sciences, Technology

Curriculum level: 2

Reading year level: 4

Category: Fiction

Related titles: See TSM

Topics: church, commitment, family, guilt, humour, lying, Manu Sāmoa, pretence, responsibility, rugby, Sāmoa

In: School Journal Level 2 November 2019

Publication date: November 2019

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