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Te Namu – the Nuisance Fly

Te namu cover.
L2 cover image may2012.

by Ross Calman

This article may look like a story at first glance, but the dramatic illustration helps to introduce an informative report on the sandfly – and the reason it is such a nuisance to humans. The report gives some facts about how humans in Aotearoa New Zealand managed problems with sandflies in earlier times. It then explains where sandflies are found, why they bite, their life cycle, the reason why their bites are itchy, and how to prevent bites. 

Series: School Journal Level 2, May 2012

Learning area: English, Science

Curriculum level: 2

Reading year level: 4

Category: Non-fiction

Related titles: Listed in TSM

Topics: sandfly, nuisance, New Zealand, life cycle

In: School Journal Level 2, May 2012

Publication date: May 2012

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