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Painted Hoe


by Steve Gibbs

The first peaceful meetings between Māori and Europeans took place in 1769, when James Cook landed in the Tairāwhiti region. During those meetings, Māori traded a number of painted hoe (paddles) for cloth, seeds, potatoes, and other items. The paddles are decorated with the earliest examples of what we now call kōwhaiwhai. They ended up in museums around the world. “Painted Hoe” describes those early meetings.

Series: School Journal Level 2 June 2018

Learning area: English, The Arts, Social Sciences

Curriculum level: 2

Reading year level: 4

Category: Non-fiction

Related titles: Listed in TSM

Topics: art, canoes, design, Endeavour, first meetings, Gisborne, history, hoe, James Cook, kōwhaiwhai, Māori, New Zealand history, paddles, taonga, Te Hā, Tupaia, Tūranganui-a- Kiwa, waka, Whareongaonga

In: School Journal Level 2 June 2018

Publication date: June 2018

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