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The Thief

The Thief cover

Written by Renata Hopkins 

illustrated by Andrew Burdan

In this lively mystery story, Sophie’s treasure has gone missing. Sophie and her cousin Manu make a plan to catch the thief – though students will discover that there is more than one “thief” in this story.

The Thief has a series of short chapters, giving students an opportunity to develop reading “stamina” on a longer story and to carry ideas across longer sections of text.

Gold 1 

Series: Ready to Read

Learning area: English

Colour wheel level: Gold

Curriculum level: 1

Category: Fiction

Related titles: Mystery stories: “Taniwha Trouble” and “The Pet Day Problem” (JJ 40); “Something Strange Going On” (JJ 46); “Always Great, Never Late” (JJ 48); “I Spy” (JJ 50); “No Big Deal” (JJ 51) Texts about birds: Did You Shake Your Tail Feathers? (Purple 2); “Endangered Bird” (JJ 29); “Ring! Ring!” (JJ 49); “Kāhu and Hōkioi” (JJ 51); “Stop Thief!” (a play, JJ 55) Stories divided into chapters: “Zapped!” (a story published in four chapters in Junior Journals 52–55)

Publication date: April 2019

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