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The Crocodile’s Christmas Jandals

Christmas jandals.

by Margaret Mahy

illustrated by Gavin Mouldey

The crocodile loves his new Christmas jandals. But while he is at a beach barbecue, the waves steal away one of his blue jandals and all he can find is a left-foot red jandal. Later in the week, the crocodile wears the odd jandals to a football match. He discovers that he is sitting next to a girl who is wearing his jandal! They are both delighted to have found their missing jandals, and as well as finding his missing jandal, the crocodile is very happy to have found a new friend.


This title is also available as a NZ Sign Language resource e-book on  iTunes and  GooglePlay.

Series: Ready to Read Colour Wheel

Learning area: Health and Physical Education

Category: Fiction

Shared texts

Publication date: January 2013

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