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Fleeb Watches TV

Fleeb watches tv

Written by Yvonne Morrison 

Illustrated by Josh Morgan

When Nate and Rose first met Fleeb (in Fleeb Makes Scones), they discovered he was full of surprises. In this second story, the children have got used to having him around, but now Fleeb is acting strangely and household items are going missing ... What is Fleeb up to?

Students will enjoy looking for clues in this humorous mystery story.

Orange 2 

Series: Ready to Read Colour Wheel

Learning area: English

Colour wheel level: Orange

Curriculum level: 1

Category: Fiction

Related titles: The previous story about Fleeb: Fleeb Makes Scones (Green 2) Stories about solving mysteries or finding lost things: Lost (shared); The Missing Socks (Blue 2); The Hissing Bush (Blue 3); The Great Car Clean-out (Green 1); Treasure Island (Green 3); The King’s Birthday (Turquoise 1); Timo’s Shorts (Turquoise 2)

Publication date: April 2019

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