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Buried Treasure

Buried treasure cover image.

by Kylie Parry

illustrations by Antony Elworthy

Junior journal 53 cover image.

This humorous play follows a group of pirates as they use clues on a map to search for treasure. Students will delight in the pirates’ misinterpretation of the clues and the problems caused as they follow their misdirected ideas.

Series: Junior Journal 53, Level 2, 2016

Learning area: English, Mathematics and Statistics

Colour wheel level: Purple

Curriculum level: 2

Reading year level: 2

Category: Fiction

Related titles: Listed in TSM

Topics: buried treasure, clues, compass points, directions, humour, maps, misunderstanding, pirates, plays, treasure

In: Junior Journal 53, Level 2, 2016

Publication date: September 2016

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