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What is a Tree?

What is a Tree?

by Sophie Fern

A tree is a type of plant. Grass is also a plant. So are vegetables. What makes a tree different from these other plants?

For an introduction to the theme of Junior Journal 64 as well as a list of related texts:

Series: Junior Journal 64, Level 2, 2022

Learning area: English, Science

Colour wheel level: Gold

Curriculum level: 2

Reading year level: 3

Topics: annual, bark, biennial, branches, carbon dioxide, deciduous, endemic, environment, evergreen, flowers, habitat, introduced, leaves, native, nutrients, oxygen, perennial, photosynthesis, plants, roots, Tāne Mahuta, tree, trunk, twigs

In: Junior Journal 64, Level 2, 2022

Publication date: November 2022

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