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Zapped! Chapter 4: Machine Mayhem

Zapped cover image.
Junior journal 55 cover image.

by Renata Hopkins

illustrated by Scott Pearson

This is the final chapter of the Zapped series (The first three chapters are in Junior Journals 52, 53, and 54.) The story began with Tai and Ana making a robot for the school science fair – but then the robot was zapped by lightning and came to life, causing a lot of trouble for the twins. Then other machines came to life and started to act strangely. Now there seems to be the potential for even more trouble ahead, and the outcome for the twins and Tidy-Bot is uncertain.

Series: Junior Journal 55, Level 2, 2017

Learning area: English

Curriculum level: 2

Category: Fiction

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Topics: fantasy, humour, robots, science fiction, serial

In: Junior Journal 55, Level 2, 2017

Publication date: September 2017

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