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Instructional Series

Welcome to the English medium literacy instructional series teaching and learning resources for years 1 to 8.

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  • Lighting the way with solar energy cover.

    Lighting the Way with Solar Energy

    Is that so.

    by Andrew & Anna Dickson

    When Tokelau decided to switch to renewable energy, they thought critically about all the options. They decided that solar energy was a cost-effective option suited to the sunny Tokelaun climate. Over four thousand solar panels were installed on Tokelau, making them the first country in the world to use 100 percent renewable energy. Now they hope to inspire others to make the switch.

    Series: Connected 2015 level 4 - Is That So?

    Learning area: English, Science, Technology

    Curriculum level: 4

    Category: Non-fiction

    Strand: Nature of science, Physical world, Nature of technology

    Capability: Critique evidence

    In: Connected 2015 level 4 - Is That So?

    Publication date: January 2015

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  • Mary anning cover.

    Mary Anning Fossil Hunter

    L3 cover image sept2012.

    by Barbara Dobson

    This report tells the story of Mary Anning, who was born in 1799. Her lifelong interest in hunting for “curios” led to some important finds that caught the attention of scientists from around the world.The article recounts Mary’s early life and how the skills her father taught her helped Mary to support the family after his death. Mary’s discoveries have helped scientists to understand the evolution of life forms.

    Series: School Journal Level 3, September 2012

    Learning area: Science

    Curriculum level: 3

    Reading year level: 6

    Category: Non-fiction

    Related titles: Listed in TSM

    Topics: Mary Anning, scientist discoveries, evolution, life forms

    In: School Journal Level 3, September 2012

    Publication date: September 2012

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  • Missing


    by Kylie Parry

    Junior Journal 42

    In this narrative, Liam’s pets have mysteriously disappeared. When Liam goes to play in his room, he discovers where they’ve gone and, in the process, learns an important lesson. This text requires students to make inferences on a number of levels – about what is happening in the text, the shift to an imaginary world, and the author’s purpose.

    Purple 2

    Series: Junior Journal 42, Level 2, 2011

    Learning area: English, Health and Physical Education

    Colour wheel level: Purple

    Curriculum level: 2

    Category: Fiction

    Related titles: Listed in TSM

    Topics: pets, disappeared, lesson, fantasy

    In: Junior Journal 42, Level 2, 2011

    Publication date: January 2011

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  • Uira.


    JJ 45 cover

    This short, dramatic poem is in te reo Māori with an accompanying English interpretation. It describes the sights and sounds of lightning as Tāwhirimātea performs a haka. Tāwhirimātea is one of the children of Ranginui and Papatūānuku. He didn’t want his parents to separate. When his brothers separated his parents to let light into the world, Tāwhirimātea caused violent storms. He is the Atua of the winds, clouds, rain, hail, snow, and storms. “Atua” refers to ancestors who have a continued influence on people’s lives.

    Series: Junior Journal 45, Level 2, 2012

    Learning area: Science

    Colour wheel level: Gold

    Curriculum level: 2

    Category: Fiction

    Related titles: Listed in TSM

    Topics: dramatic, poem, te reo Māori,lightning,Tāwhirimātea, performs, haka, Ranginui, Papatūānuku, myth, legend, traditional

    In: Junior Journal 45, Level 2, 2012

    Publication date: January 2012

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  • Journeys of Discovery

    Journeys of Discovery: The Life of Alfred Wallace

    by Paul Mason

    illustrations by Gavin Mouldey

    The naturalist Alfred Wallace and his close association with the theory of evolution is little known – most people think of Charles Darwin. Yet Wallace’s story is a classic one of adventure, talent, and persistence before he was able to offer one of the most ground-breaking scientific theories of all time. Most readers are exposed to the work of scientists in the present day; the nineteenth-century setting of this text is an excellent way to broaden their understanding of how scientists have increased their understanding of the world over time and the major milestones along the way. This article is designed to be read alongside the fictional story “Dodinga, 1858”, written by the same author.

    Series: School Journal Level 4 November 2020

    Learning area: Social Sciences

    Curriculum level: 4

    Reading year level: 8

    Category: Non-fiction

    Related titles: See TSM

    Topics: adventure, Alfred Wallace, biology, change, Charles Darwin, discovery, evolution, history, journey, natural history, natural selection, nature, science, scientist, species, travel, Victorians

    In: School Journal Level 4 November 2020

    Publication date: November 2020

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  • Born to Run.

    Born to Run

    by Lucy Corry

    Arthur Lydiard was a New Zealand runner and athletics coach whose approach to training has left a lasting impact on the sporting world. Using speed and endurance-building techniques that he developed through trial and error, Lydiard coached several high-performance runners to Olympic success. A firm believer that anyone could be a champion, Lydiard played an important role in popularising jogging in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally. “Born to Run” includes a profile of Lilly Taulelei, a year 10 student who has played for the New Zealand basketball team. She was also selected for an Asia-Pacific basketball team that played at the Global Championships in 2019. She shares her thoughts about what makes a good coach.

    Series: School Journal Level 3 August 2020

    Learning area: English, Social Sciences

    Curriculum level: 3

    Reading year level: 6

    Related titles: see TSM

    Topics: Arthur Lydiard, Barry Magee, Bill Baillie, coach, cross-country, Empire Games, exercise, fitness, health, Murray Halberg, Olympics, Peter Snell, running, sports, sprinting, stamina, team, training

    In: School Journal Level 3 August 2020

    Publication date: August 2020

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