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The Bullet

The bullet cover.

by Sarah Penwarden

“The Bullet” has been adapted as a graphic text from the story of the same name in School Journal 4.3.08. In both versions, the story is about a boy who is bullied in his new school and faces decisions that could change the course of his young life. The graphic text format is more accessible and engaging, and provides multiple opportunities for readers to access the sophisticated themes and abstract ideas of the original story. The illustrations use a gritty, raw style that highlights the sense of danger and risk. The text offers opportunities for students to build on the key competencies of managing self and relating to others.

Series: School Journal Story Library

Learning area: English, Health and Physical Education

Curriculum level: 4

Reading year level: 5, 6

Category: Fiction

Related titles: Listed in TSM

Publication date: January 2011

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