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Listening to the Land

Photograph of a lake thawing in alaska.

 Pauline Harris, a scientist of Rongomaiwahine and Ngāti Kahungunu descent, is working with a team of researchers to collect and record mātauranga from iwi and hapū about plants and animals in Aotearoa. The team is using a computer program to record the mātauranga and connect it to particular times and places in history. They hope that this information will help us understand how climate change is affecting Aotearoa’s wildlife and ecosystems, knowledge that we can then use to plan for the change.

Series: Connected 2018 Level 3 - Cracking the Code

Learning area: English, Science

Curriculum level: 3

Category: Non-fiction

Strand: Nature of science, Living world

In: Connected 2018 Level 3 - Cracking the Code

Publication date: November 2018

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