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Lighting the Way with Solar Energy

Lighting the way with solar energy cover.
Is that so.

by Andrew & Anna Dickson

When Tokelau decided to switch to renewable energy, they thought critically about all the options. They decided that solar energy was a cost-effective option suited to the sunny Tokelaun climate. Over four thousand solar panels were installed on Tokelau, making them the first country in the world to use 100 percent renewable energy. Now they hope to inspire others to make the switch.

Series: Connected 2015 level 4 - Is That So?

Learning area: English, Science, Technology

Curriculum level: 4

Category: Non-fiction

Strand: Nature of science, Physical world, Nature of technology

Capability: Critique evidence

In: Connected 2015 level 4 - Is That So?

Publication date: January 2015

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