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Instructional Series

Welcome to the English medium literacy instructional series teaching and learning resources for years 1 to 8.

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  • Tshirts.


    by Estelle Corney

    illustrated by Donovan Bixley 

    This lively, rhythmic, rhyming text describes T-shirts belonging to various family members. It’s an old favourite, which has been updated with new illustrations. 

    T-shirts song (MP3)

    This title is also available as a NZ Sign Language e-book on  iTunes and  GooglePlay.

    Series: Ready to Read

    Category: Fiction

    Shared texts

    Publication date: January 2006

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  • Tshirts from nana cover image.

    T-shirts from Nana

    by Emeli Sione

    illustrated by Jenny Cooper 

    Tusi and Mika are delighted with the T-shirts that Nana has brought back from Sāmoa, but when they try them on, the children are in for a big surprise! This is the first of several stories about Tusi and her family.

    Red 1

    Series: Ready to Read

    Learning area: Health and Physical Education

    Colour wheel level: Red

    Curriculum level: 1

    Category: Fiction

    Related titles: Listed in TSM

    Publication date: September 2016

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  • Wētā Went Walking

    Wētā Went Walking

    written by Kay Hancock

    illustrated by Fraser Williamson

    When Wētā goes walking in the bush, Rat decides to go hunting ... Will Wētā be safe? Does he know Rat is following him?

    This dramatic, open-ended story is ideal for fostering students’ enthusiasm and confidence as readers. The rhythmic, repetitive language encourages and supports students to read along with the teacher, even from their first day of school.

    Series: Ready to Read

    Learning area: Science

    Curriculum level: 1

    Category: Fiction

    Shared texts

    Related titles: Shared books that are particularly suitable for students from school entry: Bubbles; Dad’s Snore; Fantail, Fantail; Greedy Cat; I’m the King of the Mountain; Monster’s Lunch; T-Shirts Texts about New Zealand bush creatures: “Clickety-clack Cicada”, “Just a Touch”; Fantail, Fantail and How Kiwi Saved the Forest (shared); Old Tuatara (Magenta); In the Bush (Red 3) Shared non-fiction texts about New Zealand creatures: Stick Insects, Camouflage, New Zealand Birds

    Publication date: April 2019

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